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  • Under the impression that the office deskphone is history?

    Over the past years, Telenor’s old fashioned analogue telephone net has be gradually faded out leaving most business leaders under the impression that the mobile one-phone-solution… is the only solution. Dead Wrong. You see, the old net has been replaced with a high speed fiber net. This means the new generation of business network allows dedicated business desk phones that function with smart phone flexibility… without high mobile costs and operating charges. 
    Not to mention the problems:

    No loss of signal half way through a conversation, no battery failure in the middle of a business deal and no confusion between business or private use. Couple this with far lower operating costs, crystal clear sound and seamless telephone, PC and mobile integration it all starts making sense. And what makes even more sense; companies are choosing our Premium DeskPhones, the TMC Communications Solutions Products of the Year.
    And you thought desk-phones where history.
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    Put your mobile down.

    It's time to start the 


  • 21st century stress and lifestyle

    In today's business world, we've grown accustomed to being on-call 24 hours a day. Its a situation that didn't exist some years ago and business did just fine without it. These phones don't call you up in the evening went you're putting the children to bed. They don't ring you on a Sunday afternoon with a call that could have waited until Monday morning. These are business phones, they're designed for one thing only: Work.

    It's time to start slowing down and getting our lives back on track... and putting down your mobile is a GREAT place to start.

    Distractions, the workplace and the mobile

    One of the greatest challenges of using the mobile - "One Phone"- business solution is separating business and private use. Not only does your mobile disturb you during private time with a business message... but it also bombards you during work hours with private messages! Premium Deskphones don't surf the internet, they don't do Twitter or Facebook. They don't store all your private pictures or your browsing history. They simply ring. And let's face it, 99% of the time that's all your staff need.

    And here's something you might find interesting; they don't need updating every year when a new model is launched. Think how much money that will save your company.

    Keeping your conversations secure

    As a business leader, you're saying things on and off the record... or so you think. There's hardly a week that goes by without a news article being published about some oganisation somewhere, covertly listening to and recording people's conversations and storing their communications. It goes without saying that in business, apart from being an invasion of privacy, it can be disastrous.

    With a secure Premium Deskphone your conversations remain yours and with our cordless handsets, all the movers and the shakers in the business world have the freedom to wander and roam. Securely.

  • Let's talk - Parallax - Why Doing Business on a

    Why doing business on a

    Desktop Telephone

    Is Cool Again

  • Did you know that while you're conducting business on a mobile, all the world's leaders are conducting business on a Desk Phone?

    Maybe there's something they're not telling us.

    The clearest way of holding a business conversation is on a landline... Period.

    Nothing compares to the conversational clarity of a landline. No static, no background noise, just crystal clear voice and sound.

    The most secure way of doing business is on a landline... Period.

    No listening, no signal hijacking, no finger prints. Your conversation remains secure and more importantly, your business deals... remain yours.

    Rock solid stability

    No loss of signal. No battery failure. No operating system updates. Just total national and international coverage 24-7. That’s why governments use it. If you think losing connection in the middle of an important conversation is an acceptable risk, we need to talk.

    It’s cheaper than doing business on a mobile

    If you thought changing to a one phone business solution would save you money, boy have you been misled. It doesn’t, it never will. It was never designed to. But using a desk phone can. Dramatically.

    No confusion between business and pleasure

    Company business is conducted on company equipment. What you do in private is your business. Just don’t do it on company time, on company equipment. That should clarify that.

    Seamless integration with all your devices

    Changing to a business dedicated desk phone doesn’t mean you're going to lose out on the flexibility you’ve grown accustomed to. On the contrary. Our Premium DeskPhones offer out- standing mobile integration. You win, not lose.

  • Premium Desktop Telephone - Parallax - Get back to Outstanding

    Get back to outstanding

    clarity, stability

    & security

    The award-winning Premium DeskPhones are available in different models to suit different applications and budgets. All enable new rich communications experiences to SMBs and MLEs.

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    8028 Premium DeskPhone

    All the Premium DeskPhone power in a simple affordable unit

    A rich communication experience with outstanding wide-band audio quality. Features include: black and white display with back light. Multiple screens with context sensitivity displaying only the information you need at that time. Alphabetical keyboard and full duplex speakerphone with acoustic echo cancellation.

    Try it and see. Check out these accessories.

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  • phones 8038

    8038 Premium DeskPhone

    The markets leading desktop phone

    An outstanding communication tool offering seamless integration possibilities. Features include: back light grey scale display. Soft keys and a large screen with context sensitivity displaying only the information you need at that moment time, an alphabetical keyboard and superb wide band audio quality and stability. Rock Solid performance for business leaders that take business seriously.

    Try it and see. Check out these accessories.

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  • phones 8068

    8068 Premium DeskPhone

    Complete bluetooth freedom

    With a large colour screen and BlueTooth handset, this phone gives the movers and the shakers the freedom to wonder and the freedom to roam. All whilst maintaining the crystal clear audio quality and conversation security that you demand.

    Try it and see. Check out these accessories.

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  • phones 8088

    8088 Smart DeskPhone

    Unleash the power on your desk

    With one of our super secure, rock steady landline connections, you’ll have the possibility to talk business... like some of the world's best known business leaders face to face.

    The 8088 features a large, full color touch screen and BlueTooth handset. Think of it as a mobile, connected to a tablet, connected to a landline. Just a great deal more powerful.

    Try it and see. Check out these accessories.

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  • Business Features - Parallax

    Business Features

    Like No Other

  • Our Premium Deskphones haven’t been presented with an award for no reason.

    They supply exactly what is required in today's business arena, with features that can’t be matched by any other desk phones... or mobiles!

    Sound Clarity

    Every word of your conversation is relayed with superb clarity with noise cancelling technology. No more struggling with back ground noise, static or signal drop out. No more “what did he say?” or “sorry, can you repeat that?”. It’s exactly what you need to make yourself understood... at precisely the moment you want people to understand.

    Bullet Proof Design

    All Premium DeskPhones are built to withstand constant and repetitive business usage. Spill a cup of coffee on the desk, it works. Drop it on the floor, it works. Try that with a mobile... and you’re not able to work.

    Smart Intelligence

    Connect a Premium DeskPhone to your PC and tell it what to learn. It’ll copy your contact numbers. It’ll talk to your tablet or laptop. When you invest in Premium DeskPhones you are supplying your communication infrastructure with a tool that’ll work for many years, regardless of how trends or technology change.

    Fits straight into your communication strategy

    All Premium DeskPhones boast a rich ecosystem of applications to meet every possible business need from teamwork and collaboration, to off-site mobility.

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  • Business Features - Parallax - Connectivity


    Like No Other

  • So you’re thinking about rediscovering a Desk Phone. Does that mean you’re about to take one giant technological step backwards?

    Certainly not... you’re about to take several massive steps forward.

    phone back

    Let's get connected

    PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. What do you want to connect to? We do them all. Want your receptionists PC to be a switch board? Want your Mac to tell you who’s called? No problem, the Premium DeskPhones have it covered. Total seamless integration regardless of your device. The only connections you’ll be saying goodbye to are... bad connections.

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  • Business Features - Parallax - Accessories

    Premium DeskPhone


  • accessories item 01

    PIMphony Touch

    The Alcatel-Lucent PIMphony is a high-level, full-feature softphone solution that can transform a multimedia PC into an IP terminal, which is ideal for SMBs, office environments and remote workers. Four different versions are available to meet all types of applications and different user needs. All features - click-to-call, transfer and conference calling - can be managed with a simple click. The application registers and tracks caller identity, call date and duration. Calls can be monitored, recorded or split between multiple employees for collaborative conversations.

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    OpenTouch Conversation

    With OpenTouch Conversation, users can move from a phone call to a conference call simply by adding other people to the conversation. Employees can stay mobile by moving the call to their smartphone, tablet, Smart DeskPhone, or PC without interruption. OpenTouch Conversation adapts to the way that users work, enabling features that can enrich their conversations and business presence.

    accessories item 03

    My IC Web Office

    Using My IC Web for Office, users can keep in touch with their company anywhere using any compatible desktop web browser from a smartphone, a tablet, a desktop computer or a laptop whenever they have internet access. These services allow the user to manage their business phone routing options and to get easy access to centralized voicemails as well as communication logs.

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    Audioffice is a versatile smart object with a simple, clean-cut design and outstanding audio performance that enhances any conferencing situation. With six broadband speakers, four digital microphones, a passive radiator for bass boost and immersive spatial sound, Audioffice creates more dynamic and productive conversations for exceptional business communications.

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    Hands-free freedom

    We offer an extensive collection of hands free head sets that are 100% compatible with your Premium DeskPhones. You can choose between BlueTooth or wired solutions, stereo or mono head sets. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed outstanding conversational clarity and user comfort.

  • Try & Buy - Parallax - Don't take our word

    Don't take our word for it

    Try It Yourself

    You have nothing to lose except high mobile service costs... and flat batteries

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    We’re so confident that once you experience doing business on a Premium DeskPhone you’ll never go back. That’s why we’ll offer you the possibility of trying them for yourself. For a limited period only we’ll supply some phones free of charge for you to integrate into your existing Alcatel-Lucent telephone infrastructure. And if you don’t have one, that’s not a problem.

    Just talk with our dealers and let them come up with a solution that’s as affordable as it is practical. And when you see the money that can be saved by doing business on a desk phone instead of a mobile, it’ll be time well spent.

    What are you waiting for? Order your trial run here.

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  • Let’s Talk about getting you back to Business

    Please give us some basic information about yourself and your company and one of our representatives will contact you. There will be no hard selling, just plain simple facts. If you like what they’re saying, we can take the conversation further. If not, there will be no repeat calls.


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    Don't take our word for it TRY IT YOURSELF

    You have nothing to lose except high mobile service costs... and flat batteries

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    If you like what they're saying, we can take the conversation further. If not, there will be no repeat calls.